Compleat Electrics has seen an important need for awareness of solar energy for its Commercial and Industrial clients, these typical types of consumers have a consumption in the hours that match the sun hours of a solar system so less need for Battery Storage solutions and large feed in tariffs.

Two things are still happening that will not change regardless of government incentive changes, electricty will keep climing in price, and the other is solar related equipment is getting better in quality, longer warranties and coming down in price every 6 to 12mths.

It wont be a question of why, it will be a question of when you install a system.

We design a system to your needs, budget and space available.

Download COMPLEAT ENERGY SOLUTIONS brochure here.


Compleat Electrics has a dedicated team focused on customers energy management needs, we have accreditations in the Building code of Australia, NECA Ecosmart program, Design of Grid and Stand alone Solar / Battery storage systems, and automated lighting control systems. 

Download COMPLEAT ENERGY SOLUTIONS brochure here.